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Welcome to the home of Italian Garden Seeds the exclusive distributor of Franchi Seeds, Italy’s oldest 7th generation family owned and operated Seed Company since 1783 for Eastern Canada.

Italian Garden Seeds has been established to provide you high quality authentic Italian seeds for Canadian growers and gardeners of all sizes. Our goal is to provide quality seed for you to produce home grown authentic Italian vegetables, herbs , bringing a bit of the Italian flavor into your home.

Italian Garden Seeds wishes to bring the joy of these seeds to you just as Giovanni Franchi started in 1783 when he began selling his seeds around the market squares of Parma from his horse drawn cart.

For an amazing video from Franchi Seeds please copy the link below into your browser.


How to Purchase & Shipping Method:

Hello, in our on going effort to try and save our valued customers on shipping we have added a "NEW" shipping option for customers who like to purchase a smaller numbers of packets. Our Standard option to all locations is Canada Post Priority and or Expedited service so that you receive you order faster. With all types shipping costs have increased across all methods.

Some customers only wish to purchase 1, 2 or maybe only 4 packets of seeds and the Expedited service is not cost effective.

The new option we have is you can send us an email with your selections and please include the complete shipping address and we will check for the standard regular ground service based on your selections and send you an email.

Should you wish to proceed with the order and shipping we can send you a Secure PayPal invoice via email which you can click on and pay.

We will receive instant notification and then quickly get your order out to you. For any questions you can always send us an email to:  danielb@italiangardenseeds.com

And we will be happy to send you a reply. We are continuing to research cost saving shipping methods to help save you money.

 Grazie/Thank you for selecting Italian Garden Seeds.




Franchi Seeds are untreated, most are open-pollinated, and many are certified organic.

Franchi Seeds are NON GMO and Italian Garden Seeds will never knowingly buy or sell genetically modified seed.

Buon Giorno and thank you for visiting Italian Garden Seeds home of Franchi Seeds. Please enjoy your visit to our website and we do appreciate any comments and or suggestions to help better service our customers, You can send a note through our comment page, make a request or ask a question about that hard to find variety and we will try to answer all.

Our website does have a generous selection of seeds from Franchi Sementi but this is only a small portion of what is available, because of space as well as making sure that we have provide varieties our customers like we have a small selection posted. Franchi Seeds offers over 1000 different types and varieties of seed we will add and remove selections on a continual basis.



Ciao and Grazie to all out customers for making this year a wonderful gardening year. We have had a tremendous response from gardeners and have shipped allot of orders, we do apoligise to our customers for running out of a few items throughout the year we have made notes and will adjust our ordering and inventory for the upcoming new season.

We would love to receive your comments, success stories and if you have pictures of your success stories please send them to us at danielb@italiangardenseeds.com and we can review and add to our website.

We had allot of early requests for a catalogue and now to have one ready to download as a PDF from our site. We will be adding "NEW" selections from veggies to herbs and maybe some flowers.

We will be putting together some combination packets for you our customer 2, 3 maybe 4 types together at a cost savings . If you do not see something on the website, please drop us an email and we can reivew and maybe bring it in from Italy as a regular item.

Well harvest time is fast approaching and our gardens here are coming along wonderfully and we look to have a terrfic harvest. We planted alot of the flower seeds and will post some pictures on the site, they are doing great and providing lots of color and wonderful commets from our guests.

Thank you for a wonderful year and we hope your thumbs are green and your baskets full Happy Gardening to all.



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